The Grit of the Kingdom

A couple years ago, after a small church gathering, a volunteer approached me and said, “I’m afraid my wife and I won’t be helping at the gathering anymore.” “Sorry to hear that,” I replied. He continued, “It’s just that so many of those who attend have no reverence for the church. Especially Bill. He’s always … Continue reading The Grit of the Kingdom

Why Suffering Matters – Pt. 3

In the last two posts, I’ve been pondering the meaning of suffering in the Christian life – just reflecting on some stories and personal experiences, and allowing scripture to speak into those events. In Part One, I wrote about vicarious trauma and the ways in which Christian workers should engage the inevitable suffering in this … Continue reading Why Suffering Matters – Pt. 3

Is the Church Eager to Remember the Poor?

Paul’s letter to the Galatians is one of the most important theological texts in history. He writes the letter to confront the Galatians for believing the legalistic lie that to follow Christ, they must also be circumcised. The letter is important because it clarifies that Christians are saved by faith rather than works of the … Continue reading Is the Church Eager to Remember the Poor?