Resurrection Breakfast

After Jesus was raised from the dead, he spent some time hanging out with his closest friends. He did some things that blew their minds, like magically appearing in the middle of locked rooms and showing off the fresh scars of his crucifixion.

He also did some regular stuff.

For example, he found his friends when they were fishing on a boat in the sea. He gave them some fishing advice from the shore and, after listening to him, they realized he was Jesus and quickly came to the shore to be with him.

Then Jesus made breakfast. He cooked up some fish over a fire and shared breakfast with his friends.

I think that’s amazing.

We know from the bible that Jesus hung out on earth for 40 days after his resurrection. Then he ascended into heaven.

In those short 40 days, Jesus took the time to have breakfast with his friends.

Just yesterday, on Easter, we got to have breakfast with Jesus at Midtown Commons.

We invited our neighbors and our homeless friends to gather around the table with us to feast on egg and sausage casserole, muffins, and fresh fruit.

Then we all sat around, sipping our coffee and watching a three hour long movie about Jesus.

Grown men stared at the TV in wonder when Jesus vanished from plain sight as his accusers tried to kill him. I saw my friends smile and nod their heads with joy as Jesus rubbed spit-mud on a blind man’s eyes to restore his sight.

How glorious, that the simple story of the gospel of Jesus still inspires such awe and wonder.

Happy Easter, folks. He is risen!

Share breakfast with him this morning.

Maybe follow Peter’s example and tell him you love him three times.

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