Communion with the Saints – Episode 2

Today is the 5th Monday in May, which means it’s time for another installment of Communion with the Saints. 

Today’s guest blog comes from Caden Eckert. Caden served at Midtown Ministries as a Student Apprentice a couple years ago. 

She has an obvious passion for Jesus and his Kingdom. She and her husband, Nick, attend Lee University, where they are preparing for the mission field. 

Some people you just know will do incredible things for Jesus. Caden is one of those people. 

Check out her blog at


I’m a pretty emotional person.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask my husband. My emotions usually get the best of me. Whether it’s happy or sad, it’s extreme.

Usually I like to think of this as a good thing. Being in tune with your emotions is something many people strive to be. Even my husband’s New Years Resolution was to cry more (he hasn’t cried once.)

But when it comes to following Jesus, sometimes emotions can be deceitful.

Lately, I’ve been kind of lonely. I got married last July and moved to Cleveland, TN with my husband. This is where we attend college and where we work. This summer is the first time that we will be living in this town when it’s not busting at the seams with college students. All the college students go home and it leaves some of us (AKA, me) feeling sad.

I was feeling pretty bad for myself yesterday. Telling myself that I had no friends, that I had the right to be sad and that my life had no purpose other than to work and go to school. I’m obviously NOT dramatic…

This is when God reminded me of something He has to remind me of often.

God reminded me that my feelings aren’t always truthful.

Sure I FEEL a certain way, but just because I feel a certain way doesn’t make it the truth. This is a common misconception in our society. We base our truth on how we feel and not on what the Word says. Even followers of Jesus. Especially me.

The day I was feeling pretty sorry for myself was the same day I decided to watch this documentary called Furious Love. The documentary follows a man around as he goes throughout the world seeking to show how God’s love is working in people’s lives. It’s pretty good; one part at the end stuck out to me.

One interview in the documentary shows a guy telling a story about an experience he had in India. While there, he met people who told him stories of many Christians being killed by extremist Hindus. These people told stories of their friends, family and even children being brutally murdered in front of them. The guy being interviewed said that after these people told their stories, they started singing praise and worshipping God. Their songs spoke of Jesus and how he was the only friend they needed and their best friend.

I was pretty shocked at how they could possibly worship God after they had seen their closest loved ones killed right in front of their eyes, but these people were a perfect example of how emotions and feelings do not equal truth.

I’m certain these people were sad and maybe even angry that people they deeply cared about died, but they knew that this did not change the constant love and sovereignty of God.

Even Jesus, in his humanity, experienced these fleeting feelings. Before he was crucified, he pleaded with God to take away the pain that he was going to go through. But in the end, Jesus knew that God’s plan, however difficult it may be, was better than anything that his feelings would lead him towards.

Proverbs 28:26 says, “Whoever trusts in his own mind is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom will be delivered.”

Our minds are tricky creatures. They’ve been tainted and messed up by our crazy world; but one thing that stands true till the end of time is the Word and the example we get in it of Jesus. To walk in wisdom means to fully trust in God and where He has us, even when we feel differently.

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