Introducing Nomad

If you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know that I work with the poor.

And up until recently, I was employed by a local church to minister to a specific neighborhood in New Albany, Indiana.

Then, because of some upcoming life changes, I left that job. You can read about it here if you want.

I spent a few months wrestling with what kind of career God might have in store for me. I considered going into marketing or social work, but nothing was falling into place.

What was happening was that God kept connecting me to churches, organizations, and individuals who wanted to grow in their faith by engaging the poor and marginalized.

Finally, after I spent months looking for a job, my wife smiled at me and said, “You know what you’re supposed to do next, just do it.”

So, I’m excited to present Nomad Church Collective.

A grassroots movement to make disciples of Jesus by taking the gospel to the margins of society.

We have a website and everything!

Let’s answer some questions.

Why does Nomad need to exist?

I’m not sure God needs any organization to exist, but he does invite us to participate in his work.

Scripture says part of his work is bringing the good news of the kingdom to the poor. In fact, the book of James says that God has chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom.

The problem, however, is that while plenty of good mercy ministries exist, serving food and handing out resources, few people are actively pastoring those on the very edge of society – the homeless, the mentally ill, addicts, and outcasts.

Nomad hopes to mobilize Christians to engage these populations on a relational, gospel level.

What will Nomad Church Collective do?

Primarily, two things.

  1. Meet the poor where they are to share the gospel, walking with them daily to teach them how to live in Jesus’ kingdom.
  2. Be disciples ourselves, recognizing that the person of Jesus is often revealed in the context of the poor and marginalized. (See Matthew chapter 25)

How can I participate?

There are several ways to participate in Nomad.

  1. Pray: Pray for the poor, those you know personally or those on our list.
  2. Give: Support Nomad financially.
  3. Walk: Connect with the poor in your area, then tell us about it!
  4. Spread the Word: Tell others about this ministry.

And, of course, come and see. If you live in the Louisville metro area, contact us and we’ll figure out a way to connect.

This is a fledgling ministry with lots of moving parts.

Our aim is to lean on the Holy Spirit for all direction. Sure this creates some ambiguity, maybe a little chaos, but following to his guidance is the priority.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Like and share our page on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

And get out there and get to know the poor!

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