Marriage: A Ten-Year Reflection

Friday was mine and Rachel’s ten-year anniversary.

I spent the day reflecting on the many adventures we’ve had over the past decade – moving into the ghetto and sharing a house with three other friends, visiting her family in Africa, camping our way across the United States, rescuing a greyhound, buying our first home, starting a business, starting a non-profit organization…

Rachel spent the day doing this:

Skydive Kentucky_2017-06-02-13h09m25s482

Rachel and I have a habit of saying “go for it!” to each other.

When Rachel wanted to become a massage therapist and open her own business, I told her to go for it.

When I wanted to quit my job and start a new ministry, Rachel told me I should do it.

Not that we don’t try to talk each other out of stuff. One time Rachel wanted to have a pet tamandua anteater and I told her it was probably a bad idea.

But in general, we spur each other on.

I think it’s because we’ve learned how much fun it is to see someone you love thrive.

Watching Rachel thrive is a great way to know her better. As her confidence grows, she starts making exciting choices that reflect her character. She isn’t afraid to step into the uncertainty of life. I didn’t know that about her on our wedding day, but I’ve learned it over the years.

About a year ago, I was away on a work trip. Rachel called me and asked if I was ready to think about having kids.

“That’s been on my mind all night,” I told her.

When I got home from the trip we had a long talk and made the decision, “Let’s go for it, let’s adopt a kid!”

We’ve spent the last year taking classes, filling out paper work, and getting our house ready for someone new. (We’re almost there, and we’ll keep everyone posted.)

One of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of Rachel is one in which she is sitting inside a large windowsill, looking out into the world. Since then, I’ve taken several similar pictures of her, like the one on the header of this post. I love these pictures because they accurately present my wife – looking forward.

I’ve always wanted to be an adventurous person but have also known, deep down, that I don’t have the guts to do it.

It’s not good for man to be alone.

God gave me a suitable helper.

Rachel, my dear, there’s a wide world calling. It’s filled with laughter and tears, comfort and peril.   In it, God has hidden great rewards.

Let’s go for it.

3 thoughts on “Marriage: A Ten-Year Reflection

  1. Preston,

    I always enjoy reading your posts. The love you and Rachel have for Christ and one another does my heart good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is the first post of yours I have read, and I have a feeling that I’m going to have to read them all now. You guys are an inspiration.

  3. You guys are freaks, I love that about you! This might be my favorite picture of Rachel (skydiving) even more than the Banksy and dreads one. It’s the perfect picture of life lived to the full. God willing, you will
    do this again on your 50th! Happy Anniversary, love, Jeff and Shelly

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